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The Smallest User was a competition between the Cooper-Young and Evergreen neighborhoods in Memphis to see which community could reduce its energy use most in 2010.

We monitored the energy use of residents in each neighborhood in the hopes of reducing our city’s carbon footprint, helping residents save a few dollars, and showing people how gratifying it can be to go green!

Congrats to the Cooper-Young neighborhood who was awarded the title of The Smallest User February 5, 2011!

Sponsors: The competition was sponsored by a Strengthening Communities Grant from the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis, Memphis Light, Gas & Water (MLGW), the University of Memphis Journalism Department, the Cooper-Young Community Association (CYCA), and the Evergreen Historic District Association (EHDA).

Timeline: The competition began January 1, 2010 and concluded December 31, 2010.

Measurements: MLGW measured the energy use of all residents on a monthly basis. They compared the usage from 2010 with the usage from 2008 because MLGW implemented certain energy-saving programs in 2009 that might skew the results. Results were also adjusted for weather discrepancies between the years.

Neighborhood boundaries: Wondering if you live in Cooper-Young or Evergreen? Visit and click on either the Cooper-Young or Evergreen tab at the top of the homepage to view a map of each area.

Contact: Please feel free to e-mail Ashley at with any comments or questions.


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