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Smallest User’s Swan Song – Congrats to Cooper-Young!

February 10, 2011

by Ashley Akin

Well Smallest Users, it is a bittersweet time here at SU-headquarters (i.e. my couch since the “huge blizzard” that hit Memphis yesterday shut down the university). Our year-long competition has ended, we have celebrated its success with BBQ, buddies and booze, and we have revealed that Cooper-Young emerged victorious to become The Smallest User!

If you’d like to read the final round-up, check out the article by journalism student Brennan Somers in The Daily Helmsman that ran last Tuesday. It shows that “Cooper-Young households finished an average of $19.59 below their 2008 total, while Evergreen’s homes finished $1.36 higher.”

Regardless of the outcome, both neighborhoods put forth valiant effort and enthusiastically participated to make this competition a success. The Smallest User committee cannot thank you enough for all of your curiosity, fervor and, most importantly, action.

As we attempt to take this contest-driven idea further, we will check back in periodically to update all of you who are interested on our progress. We would, however, like to make you an offer: if any members of the Cooper-Young or Evergreen communities would like to take over regular Smallest User blogging duties, we’d be happy to let you take this project and run. We had so many great guest-bloggers over the course of the contest, so please e-mail Ashley if you have any interest in going semi-pro with energy-savings.

Again, we appreciate all the support from the United Way, the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis , the Strengthening Communities Initiative, the U of M journalism department, MLGW, and especially Cooper-Young Community Association and Evergreen Historical District Association. Special thanks to Debbie Sowell who led Cooper-Young to their well-earned victory. She and CYCA will be receiving their handsome cash prize – which amounts to over $3500! – soon. She says they will be looking into putting solar panels and the CYCA headquarters, so she clearly plans to keep up the good work.

And with that we’ll sign off here, but we want to remind you that bigger is not always better, and sometimes it really does pay to be the Smallest User.

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