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Because one post on twinkly lights is simply not enough.

November 4, 2010

by Ashley Akin

Well, Smallest Users, winter is upon us. I know this because I spent the better part of yesterday in the Take Care Clinic at your friendly neighborhood Walgreens getting my throat poked with a sharp stick to make sure I don’t have strep. (I don’t.)

First of all, I love the Take Care Clinic. The ladies who work at the McLean & Union clinic manage to make even the taking of blood pressure sassy, and that takes some doing.

Secondly, I got to sit next to a lovely older woman (Pearleetha – no lie) who kept trying to read People magazine over my shoulder because she didn’t need to “go buying a whole one for herself.” Like we were splitting a candy bar or something.

Now this led me to think: OK, times are tough, I get it. But we are at Walgreens, and I’m not sure if this is morally reprehensible, but I do not plan on purchasing this magazine after I read it. Am I the only person who uses the Walgreens magazine aisle like my personal public library? I mean, between toilet paper runs and airport delays, I think Walgreen’s and People magazine have made enough cash off of me, okay? Don’t you judge me.

Anyway, on to the third reason I ♥ Walgreens: RIDICULOUSLY discounted decorations. I got a Thanksgiving wreath, 2 mini-scarecrows, and a whole mess of tiny candles for under $10. Basically I am now equipped to outfit the crap out of a munchkin cottage if necessary. Now that’s holiday cheer.

So, Smallest Users, my point is that there are deals afoot, and we want to help you take advantage of them. Especially the ones that will help you use less energy and spread more cheer.

For instance, Home Depot is holding a Holiday Light Exchange until November 14. You bring in your old string of lights (working or broken) to trade in, and they will give you a coupon for $3 off the energy-saving LED lights. These lights are up to 95% more energy-efficient than their traditional counterparts, and they don’t break as easily.

Which means no one has to spend 10 hours sitting in the living room floor going bulb-by-bulb trying to find the cracked one so that Meemaw doesn’t have to unwrap the whole tree and re-string it. She doesn’t have time for that. A turkey doesn’t baste itself, y’ungrateful little wretch.

So get yourself to the Home Depot, Users. There are ten days left to cash in, and – while you may not be as thrifty as my ole lady Pearleetha who second-hand-reads gossip mags over sick people’s shoulders – everyone likes to save a buck. Especially when it saves energy.

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