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Evergreeners take Attic Insulation and Energy Saving to the Next Level

July 13, 2010

by Jim Brooks

OK so there is saving money, and then there is the fun of beating the Cooper Young Neighborhood… But it is really about the planet and being an adult and doing what is right, even if it isn’t fun and doesn’t save you money.

So I don’t remember if we woke up thinking “We ought to beat those Cooper Young people who have an absolutely fabulous festival and the cute railroad underpass,” or if we were going to “save the planet.” But we decided that with just one more password and user ID we could have our own MLGW online account. Now this is more fun than the bathroom scales! You just go online and they compare your energy consumption to your use last year and to other people with similar-sized homes. We took one peek at this and made an appointment for the energy guy to come tell us how to lose weight… I mean reduce energy consumption.

The MLGW energy guy goes to the attic and says, “You don’t have a thermal barrier. You have air infiltration. You need to put a layer of insulation on top of the attic floor.” I guess he didn’t think much of my insulation under the attic floor. Furthermore, I was surprised he could actually see an attic floor under the 30+ years of accumulation!

My wife’s first thought was just to move the boxes with the grade school work of our thirty-year-old son a little closer to the box with 1988 -1993 canceled checks and that would cut down the air filtration… Then she went online to find the R-value of a U-haul box full of school work, but sadly even Google could not provide a number that would reverse our fate! We were going to have to find the attic floor. At that point, not insulating would mean guilt with every cool breeze and every Cooper Young festival.

If you’ve ever studied logic and Venn diagrams, you would not expect there to be an overlap of the people who went to high school and the people who self-insulated their attic in June…in Memphis…in 2010.  But I did go to high school, and we got the attic insulated. So let the payback begin, let the planet be saved, and let the people without a festival win!

Thanks to Jim Brooks for his contribution to The Smallest User blog. If you have any questions or comments for Jim, e-mail Ashley and she’ll pass them along.

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