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The Lazyman’s List – Tip No. 1: Escaping the Lint Trap

May 27, 2010

by Ashley Akin

I like things that are easy. Easy Bake Ovens, the Big Easy, and even Easy Cheese… don’t judge me, but every once in a while, I like to get in touch with my inner 7-year-old, the one who still doesn’t know that cheese and aerosol shouldn’t mix.

Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to start this Lazyman’s List of energy-saving suggestions. The only requirement for inclusion: the tips must be so easy that even your unemployed-couch-monkey-cousin-Jeb could accomplish them without ever having to put down the remote.

First up in the series: the lint trap. Cleaning out your dryer’s lint trap takes five seconds, and it will save you both drying time and energy with every load. As I recently GoogLearned from, a clean lint trap decreases drying time by increasing the flow of air through the clothes, and it can save you up to $34 a year. That’s enough to buy you 2 cases of Pabst, Jeb!

Furthermore, in case your grandmother didn’t instill in you the proper amount of fear of the inevitable house fire that will occur from a full lint trap, let me help: It WILL happen, and it will happen to YOU. “Don’t you remember when Great Aunt Patsy’s neighbor’s cousin’s house went up in flames that summer? Don’t you? Like to never got that cat out of the tree after that explosion…”

So pick your favorite motivator (money, safety, energy savings, or my personal favorite: not wanting to be a complete lazy piece), and consider it the next time you swap out your clothes. We’re not asking you to go full-blown “Little House on the Prairie” with a clothes-line here. Just do what Michael Landon would want you to do, and don’t fall prey to the lint trap.

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